Steel Structure

Steel is the leader among the metals used in construction. Its extreme strength, cost effectiveness and its wide range of possible uses are its most important advantages.

By utilizing TIGER Drylac®, steel surfaces can be given long term protection against corrosion. A wide range of colors, including metallic variations – in various degrees of gloss and surface textures – is available. The quality evaluation as it relates to international standards and quality checks in terms of resistance to weathering, corrosion, chemicals and mechanical tests, is self-evident.

Our powder coatings are environmentally friendly because they are solvent free and do not pollute the air, soil or groundwater. Because of its thermoset characteristics, powder coatings offer high mechanical properties, excellent arris protection and very good quality properties with even a single coat application. The efficient use of material due to the recycling of overspray allows additional savings in both material and application costs.

Depending on the substrate material, TIGER recommends the following coating (to achieve the best possible corrosion protection, the appropriate pre-treatment is necessary). For the coating of galvanized steel, TIGERrecommends a single coat, consisting of a powder coating perfectly aligned for the substrate.

For the application on steel, we advise the use of TIGER-Shield, a  two coat system, comprised of a powder primer and a powder top coat to offer optimum corrosion protection. Three or more coats, as are usually required with liquid coatings are not necessary with TIGER Drylac® powder coatings.