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Standardized method for accelerated testing of corrosion resistance on materials and surface coatings. The materials tested are mainly metals - possibility to test stone, ceramics and polymers, with a surface protective coating.

The test causes a corrosive attack on the coated parts to assess their degree of protection. The occurrence of corrosive products - rust or other oxides, is estimated after a predetermined period of time - typically 240 or 480 hours. The duration of the test is dependent on the corrosion resistance of the coating.

The salt spray test is one of the most common and long established corrosion tests which determine the durability of your products.


How much will a color change over time?
Find out now!

The Q-Lab accelerated weathering test, in a matter of days or weeks, simulates the damage caused by sunlight, rain, dew and temperature which typically occurs after months or years out in the open.

The QUV test exposes materials to cycles of UV light and moisture at controlled, elevated temperatures, simulating true atmospheric influences. Sunlight is reproduced through special fluorescent UV lamps, while dew and rain are simulated through humidity and/or water spray.

The QUV accelerated weathering is the fastest and most reliable aging test.


Spectrophotometer and Mechanical Tests

We measure color!
The human eye is not enough to measure color. With the help of our spectro-photometer we are able to give digital accuracy to any color - certified according to the International Commission of Illumination (CIE).

Do you know how resilient is your coating?
Mechanical tests are a guarantee for the strength of the coating and in our laboratory we have a wide range of tests to examine that.

Surface finishing is the last production step on your product, yet it is the first thing customers see. It determines a product’s value and quality... And we'll tell you how resilient and durable it is!


A one-of-a-kind facility within Eastern Europe that replicates the real effects of weathering elements on the durability of coatings.

Sofia South test gives the right answer to the question: How does the weather in our latitudes affect our coatings?





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